Trolls & Hypocrites

Lynette and Stef start off the episode talking about devout Christian vloggers Sam and Nia who have been in the news recently. This leads directly into a discussion on the Ashley Madison hack. Then Lynette talks about the kids reaction to having to put their family dog down. Before they wrap, the … [Read more...]

Life Spoiler Alert!

Lynette opens the show talking about her experience at the theaters when she saw Straight Outta Compton with Adam. This leads into a discussion on the Amy Winehouse documentary, and movies worthy of walking out the theater. After that, the ladies get into being famous, and how much it sucks when … [Read more...]

RIP MollyGirl

Lynette and Stef open up the show talking about their kids’ summers coming to an end. This leads Lynette into a very sad story about the Carolla family dog, Molly. As the show wraps up Lynette and Stefanie discuss what movies are appropriate for kids the age of their children. Be sure to get … [Read more...]

What’s The Plan Phil?

Lynette and Stefanie are back to their normal schedule and open up the show talking about Lynette’s recent trip to NYC to promote Mangria and the unfortunate dental emergency that accompanied it. After explaining her dental ordeal in painful detail the topic shifts to the new school year and some … [Read more...]

Murder With Orgasms

Lynette opens the show telling Stefanie about the new 'envelope' house that Adam is very excited about building in their neighborhood before she and Stefanie get into talking about the kids latest favorite pop songs. Then the ladies discuss their obsession with murder/mystery shows. Before they … [Read more...]

Shits Going Sideways Behind Closed Doors

Lynette and Stefanie start the show off talking about reading time with the kids and which books they're enjoying the most. This leads into a discussion on different reading level skills for different kids in school. Then Stefanie talks about her kids getting sunburnt by the pool and before they … [Read more...]

I Got 99 Problems And A Bitch Is One

Lynette opens the show talking about her dog Molly's current health condition before Stefanie talks about going to see Jonatha Brooke in concert, which leads into a discussion on different musicians they like. After that, Stefanie talks about her mother-in-law's struggle with Alzheimer's with … [Read more...]

Bitches Be Crazy

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Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about the obsession with electronics these days. Then, Lynette tells the story of Natalia's jump rope competition. Later, the ladies dive into your Facebook questions on staying in shape, keeping busy with the kids during summer, and husbands crazy exes. … [Read more...]

Go Watch Sesame Street or Something

Lynette opens the show discussing her recent appearance on The Adam Carolla Show to talk about her Southwest Airlines fiasco. Then, Natalia goes to Oregon to see some friends while Sonny is left at home with mom and dad. After that, the ladies talk about Charlize Theron and Sean Penn's split. Then … [Read more...]

Alison Bedell Returns

Stefanie opens the show talking about taking Elby to the play 'Matilda' and treating herself to a nice upgrade in seating. Then, Lynette recaps her weekend trip to Vegas, along with the horrendous ordeal trying to get home. This leads into Producer Gary's far less impressive story about trouble on … [Read more...]