Thanksgiving Anxieties

Lynette and Stefanie begin the show with a follow up on Elby’s trip to Catalina. They also talk about mistakes they made regarding setting up birthday parties and accidentally not inviting everyone they should have. Later, Lynette shares some frustrations she’s been having with Adam. In the last … [Read more...]

Lisa Loeb Returns

Musician, entrepreneur, mother and friend of the show Lisa Loeb returns to For Crying Out Loud this week to talk with the ladies about her new kids album, life as a mom and the trio reminisce about the jingles and nursery rhymes from their childhoods. Be sure to get your copy of Road Hard right … [Read more...]



In today’s podcast, Lynette discusses her recent trip to New York, and a surprise encounter with Bruce Springsteen back in LA. Stefanie also talks about Elby facing her beach & water anxieties and taking a school trip to Catalina. In the last part of the show, Lynette and Stefanie discuss crazy … [Read more...]

Thanks A Lot You Stupid Cunt

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion. This leads into a conversation on people who seem to crave drama. After that, Lynette and Stef get into a discussion on drug and alcohol addiction. Before they wrap the ladies take your Facebook questions … [Read more...]

You Know Me, Not Crafty

Lynette and Stefanie open this week's show recapping their Halloween adventures. Then, Stefanie's kids started at a new school and someone got the lead role in the school play. After that, Stefanie gets into some hot water over her opinion on a controversial Halloween Costume. Before they wrap, … [Read more...]

Happy Halloween 2015


Lynette opens the show talking about how much she used to love Halloween, but not so much anymore. Then, Lynette and Stef reminisce about their past Halloween costumes. Stef isn't able to let her daughter trick or treat by herself in their own neighborhood without getting some flak from other … [Read more...]

This Is Why I Can’t Get Stoned

Screen Shot 2015-10-26 at 11.01.04 AM

Stefanie and Lynette open the show with Natalia's most recent Cotillion sessions. This leads into a discussion on young girls starting to like the boy's attention. Then Stefanie's talks about her daughters have nothing to wear for picture day, and the ensuing shopping excursion that followed. After … [Read more...]

So Prove It… Kill Yourself

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about the struggle of finding the right school for their children. This leads into a discussion on how the kids reading skills are progressing, as well as their bedtime reading routines. After that, Lynette tells the story of her getting quite an earful … [Read more...]

Put Your Cream Cheese On Your Own Damn Bagel

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about how rough Monday mornings are, especially when it comes to preparing breakfast and lunch for the kids. This leads into a conversation on the kids eating habits and some cholesterol problems. Then the ladies get into their opinions on different … [Read more...]

Your Vagina Remembers

Foo Fighters concert at the Forum 2015

Lynette and Stefanie welcome in studio guest and longtime friend of Lynette's, Christie Meglio. Lynette starts off the show talking about her longtime friendship with Christie. After that, Christie talks about her family's obsession with music. This leads into Christie telling the story of how Dave … [Read more...]