What A Fuckin’ Little Cooze

Lynette opens the show with a quick call to our good friend Dr Bruce. Then, Stef's kids get their flu shots while Lynette's kids just get the flu. This leads to Lynette explaining how much of a trouble maker Natalia can be, especially when she wants a hoverboard. Then the ladies answer your Facebook … [Read more...]

Progress Reports

Stefanie opens the show asking Lynette about her recent trip to NY to see Bruce Springsteen with Phil Rosenthal. Then, Stefanie shares some reading and writing troubles Sadie been having in school, which leads to Lynette sharing some of Sonny's learning troubles as well. After that the ladies talk … [Read more...]

I’d Rather Be A Stripper

Stefanie opens this weeks show talking about some hot gossip and online message board comments. Then the ladies get into a little STD talk. After that, Lynette and Stef begin taking your Facebook questions on reclaiming the family board-game room, keeping your man happy while also having to raise a … [Read more...]

Shut Up And Eat It Already

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about taking the kids to the dentist, and how amusing it is watching them after first surgery. Then, Lynette has a bone to pick with Adam and Mark Geragos regarding their recent interview with Dean Strang, defense attorney for Steven Avery. After that the … [Read more...]

Making A Murderer AND Blowjobs

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about long term relationships. Then the ladies dive into everything surrounding the Netflix Documentary "Making A Murderer". Before they wrap, Lynette and Stef talk about the affluence teen and Sean Penn's involvement with El Chapo's capture. Be sure to … [Read more...]

I Haven’t Even Driven To Costa Mesa

Lynette and Stefanie open the show discussing how great everyone's lives appear online. Then the ladies talk about some interesting and upcoming TV movies & mini series. After that the ladies dive into the Golden Globes that aired last night, as well as this year's best movies they've liked or … [Read more...]

Hidden Bodies

The ladies open the talking about former guest Caroline Kepnes’ new book, Hidden Bodies. Stefanie and Lynette then talk about troublesome play dates for their children, as well as child anxiety and how to deal with it. Then Stefanie and Lynette discuss the spousal and parental battles they’ve been … [Read more...]

Down With Parades

Lynette and Stefanie are back to recap the Christmas Break. They open discussing their shared love of Making a Murderer and murder mystery shows in general. After a brief discussion of Alvin and the Chipmunks: Road Chip and other children’s movies, the discussion turns towards the newest member of … [Read more...]

Casting Couch – Best Of

    The girls open the show this week with a quick discussion on botox and sculpta. Then Lynette describes a recent auction she attended with the Pinsky's. This leads into a discussion about Paulina Pinsky's recent revelation that she battles with bulimia. After a quick talk … [Read more...]

CaboWabo – Best Of

Lynette and Stefanie open up the show talking about Stef's getting re-booked on the Today show after a recent rescheduling. This leads into a conversation on the difference between coach and first class both in general and more specifically with different airlines. After that, Stefanie shares Jon's … [Read more...]