Transgender Children with Stuttering John

Stuttering John Melendez returns for this weeks Friday episode of For Crying Out Loud. John kicks off the show talking to the ladies about his current Tinder account and how that's been working for him. Then John talks about his transgender son Knight and how she use to be a lesbian before deciding … [Read more...]

Moving On with Stuttering John

Lynette and Stefanie welcome in-studio guest Stuttering John Melendez from The Howard Stern Show for this weeks first episode of For Crying Out Loud. The gang opens the show talking about their past experiences with Chelsea Handler. Then John talks a bit about his past and current relationships. … [Read more...]

Attracted to Intensity

Julie Kasem returns for this weeks Friday episode of For Crying Out Loud! Stefanie opens the show talking about taking Matty to a birthday party where nobody knew he use to be a girl, which leads Julie to talk about how much his attitude has changed now that he's embraced being a boy. Then one of … [Read more...]

Sleep Away Camp with Julie Kasem

Julie Kasem joins Stefanie for this weeks episode of For Crying Out Loud while Lynette is caught up in an important Carolla Drinks meeting. Julie opens the show talking about having to leave a Sting concert early due to her "sick" kids. Then, Julie's daughters get frightened by the new Ghostbusters … [Read more...]

Kickin Shit Up A Notch

Stefanie opens the show talking about taking her dog to the unofficial dog park and getting scolded by fellow park goers. Then, Lynette's nanny Olga gets into a verbal scuffle with the crazy lady that lives across the street from Lynette. After that, Lynette and Stef talk about Kenny Loggins which … [Read more...]

You’re Supposed To Watch Our Kids So We Dont Have To

Lynette and Stefanie kick off this weeks episode of For Crying Out Loud with in-studio guest Natalia Carolla as she talks about her upcoming birthday. Then they talk a little bit about the recent online craze for the new mobile app game Pokemon Go. After Natalia leaves, Stefanie talks about signing … [Read more...]

I’m So Jelly Right Now

Stefanie opens this weeks episode dealing with some home makeover work. Then, Stefanie tells a story of when she needed to go to an emergency gynecologist appointment. After that, Lynette goes to dinner with old producer Gary and Vinnie Guadagnino from Jersey Shore. Before they wrap, Lynette and … [Read more...]

ISIS Likes You – Best Of

Lynette and Stef open the show talking about a documentary about plastic surgery, as well as the new Netflix documentary on amateur porn. This leads into a discussion on protecting your kids and how much more difficult it is today with the internet everywhere. Then, Stefanie's daughter Matilda joins … [Read more...]

Half Ass Listening

Lynette opens the show discussing her new favorite TV show, as well as lamenting about having to take care of Philly Cheesesteak all on her own while Adam's in Europe. Then Lynette talks about her recent hassles in dealing with Natalia for one of her school plays. After that, Stefanie talks about … [Read more...]

Hey Mom, What’s Cum?

Stefanie opens this weeks for episode of For Crying Out Loud recapping her very first weekend vacation away from the kids at Pismo Beach. This leads to a longer conversation on married couples taking "date nights" together. After that the ladies take a private Facebook question on a troubled … [Read more...]