Sister-In-Law Drama


Lynette and Stefanie dive right into the show this week with some fan phone calls. Their first topic kicks right off with some Real Housewives talk, and which series the ladies would be on if they had the choice. Then after a few more calls, Stefanie spaces big time on a commitment and is paying a … [Read more...]

Call Me Maybe

Lynette and Stefanie open up the show this week with the troubles they've been having lately in putting the kids to sleep at night. Then they discuss their thoughts on the Georgia father who left his son in the hot car all day while sexting multiple women. Later, they dive into some great Facebook … [Read more...]

Happy Fourth!

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.38.48 PM

Lynette and Stef open the show this week by catching up on a little Real Housewives talk. Then Stef shares her story about the time her and Jon almost broke up over a clear miscalculation on Stefanie's part while they were on vacation. This leads into a discussion on summer camp plans for the kids. … [Read more...]

Morgan Stewart

Lynette and Stef open up the show this week with some back and forth banter with producer Gary. Then Stef talks a bit about the girls initial summer camp experience. Guest Morgan Stewart from The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, joins the ladies in studio to talk about her life. Before the show wraps, … [Read more...]

Reading Rainbow

The girls open the show this week with some nostalgia for their previous careers and an America's Got Talent recap. Stefanie then share's a dilemma she's been having in trying to figure out which teacher is the best fit for the girls next year. Then the ladies talk about good books to get the kids … [Read more...]

Phone Calls

Lynette and Stef open up the show this week talking about the recent Casey Kasem news and Stefanie's connection to one of his children. Then the ladies decide to take some fan phone calls for the first time in quite a while. Want more info on Lynette's new skin care line Rodan + Fields? Email her … [Read more...]

Bobbie Brown

Lynette opens the show this week discussing Sonny and Natalia's upcoming birthday parties. Then Stef tells a story about getting very frustrated while trying to watch America's Got Talent with the girls. Guest Bobbie Brown, from Fuse's 'Ex-Wives of Rock', joins the girls in studio for an interview … [Read more...]


Lynette and Stef open the show this week by blowing off some steam in the criticism they've faced for their social media plugs. Then Lynette talks about Natalia's first upcoming sleep over. After the girls go over their Mothers Day experiences, Lynette geeks out over her new favorite hunk actor. … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Stefanie

Lynette and Stefanie open the show this week with Stefanie's 5 years sober birthday. Then the ladies dish on trying to get work done with their husbands bothering them, and vice-versa. Before Stefanie inquires on how to make more money, Lynette promotes her new favorite skin care line Rodan and … [Read more...]

Motivation & Housewives

Stefanie opens the show this week with Sadie getting quite sick at school just minutes after getting drooped off, or was she just faking it the whole time to get out of school? Then the girls dive in to some pretty intense Real Housewives talk. After that, a discussion on the lack of motivation and … [Read more...]