You Can Choke

Stefanie and Lynette open the show with some Real Housewives talk that leads Producer Gary to take the show in a fairly sad direction for a moment when talking about the loss of his dog. Lynette then discusses the very hard time she's been having lately with her mood and the possible causes for … [Read more...]

You Shut Your Mouth When You’re Talking To Me

Lynette opens the show with Natalia's response to how loud daddy talks on the phone to when doing 'This Week in Rage' on KROQ. Then the ladies take a fan phone call about the ideal age difference between siblings. After that, Lynette and Stef dive into some Facebook questions about giving birth and … [Read more...]


Lynette and Stefanie open up the show talking about Stef's getting re-booked on the Today show after a recent rescheduling. This leads into a conversation on the difference between coach and first class both in general and more specifically with different airlines. After that, Stefanie shares Jon's … [Read more...]

High Anxiety

Stefanie's daughter Elby joins the ladies in-studio for a quick interview. Elby shares her troubles with anxiety, and talks about certain things that will make it rise more than others. Then, Stefanie shares her own issues with anxiety before Elby leaves to join the other girls outside. After that, … [Read more...]

Pay Attention

Lynette and Stefanie open the show with a little Van Halen appreciation. Then Lynette talks about the new highly addictive tv show that she is enjoying with the kids. After that, Stefanie has a heartwarming story about Matilda's new friend, possibly even best friend. Later, Lynette shares her … [Read more...]

Grow A Pair

Lynette and Stefanie open the show with Lynette's brand new Tesla, and how Sonny and Natalia have been having a hard time with the adjustment. Then, Lynette talks about Sonny possibly having ADD, and what steps she'll be taking to help him deal with it. After that, Stefanie goes over her long … [Read more...]

Life Inside Out

Lynette and Stefanie welcome in-studio guests Maggie Baird and Lori Nasso to talk about their new movie "Life Inside Out". The ladies begin the show with the general overview of their movie, as well as how simple their approach was to making it. Then Lori and Maggie talk about their Kickstarter … [Read more...]

Are You Satisfied?

Lynette and Stefanie open the show talking about the kids being on spring break from school. Then, Lynette teases her episode of Sex With Emily. After that, Lynette discusses what a vacation with Adam is like, as well as how brutal it is for him while shooting the newest season of Catch a … [Read more...]

Author David Vienna

Lynette and Stefanie are joined by in-studio guest and author of "Calm The Fuck Down" David Vienna. The group opens the show talking about each of their own sets of twins. Then they talk about various parenting blogs. After that, David talks about how he met his wife while working at a newspaper … [Read more...]

Caroline Kepnes

Lynette and Stefanie are joined by in-studio guest and author of "You" Caroline Kepnes. The ladies open the show with Caroline's passion for short story writing. Then, Caroline hints at a possible sequel to the book, and possibly even turning it into a trilogy. After that, Stefanie talks about how … [Read more...]