Im Having Emotions

Lynette and Stefanie open this weeks Friday episode talking about how Lynette may go to Europe on vacation with the kids during summer. Then Lynette blows off some steam after Natalia wouldn't stop pestering her and Adam while they tried to order dinner the night before. After that, Stefanie starts … [Read more...]

Makes Me Wanna Cut A Bitch


Stefanie opens this weeks episode thanking all the fans for their support after talking about Matilda's transition on last weeks episode. Then Lynette and Stefanie welcome their in-studio guests, nurses Carrie Gessler and Noura Ennabe from Lynette's cosmetic center Privet Aesthetics. Lynette opens … [Read more...]

Mad Dog Carolla

Lynette opens the Friday show recapping Adam's IPA beer launch over the weekend. Then, Lynette talks about Sonny's homework project that didn't manage to make it onto the wall with the rest. This leads to Lynette telling a story about Sonny's latest flag football match. Before they wrap, Natalia has … [Read more...]

Bitches and Lesbians

Lynette and Stefanie open the show this week with a dog rescue update from Stef. Then, Matilda got a new haircut, which leads to a discussion on how early on in life she has been wanting more boyish things. Before they wrap, Matilda finally gets the transgendered play date Stef has been searching … [Read more...]

Thanks But Not Interested

Lynette and Stefanie open the Friday show talking about their husbands disdain for their obsession with The Real Housewives. Then the ladies talk about going to the gym, and all the different characters that can be seen there. After that, Stefanie takes Matilda to a support class for children who … [Read more...]

Step Up and Say Something!

Lynette and Stefanie open todays episode of For Crying Out Loud recapping their mothers day over the weekend. Then, Stefanie volunteers to take a group of 2nd graders on a field trip. After that, Lynette blows off some steam regarding the kids homework assignments. Before they wrap, the ladies give … [Read more...]

No Safe Space

Lynette and Stefanie open todays show with an in-depth discussion on their newest favorite podcast Breakdown, which has been analyzing the recent court case of a man on trial for killing his 22 month old son after leaving him in a hot car while sexting a woman at work. Then, Lynette and Stefanie … [Read more...]

Trying To Pull Out

Lynette and Stefanie open the show this week with their new favorite tv show to watch with the kids. Then, Lynette is going crazy trying to Launch Adams new IPA beer while Natalia plays 5 parts in the school production of Beaty and the Beast. This leads to a similar story of Stefanie getting berated … [Read more...]

Junk in the Upper Trunk

Lynette and Stefanie open the show doing some investigative work on a dog lady who was talked about in the last episode. Then the ladies then talk about psychics and their various experiences with them. After that, Lynette and Stefanie talk about how much they hate the Coachella music festival. … [Read more...]

Screw You Vinnie Tortellini

Lynette opens this week's Tuesday episode of For Crying Out Loud recapping her weekend at home with the kids while Adam was away. This leads to a discussion on Lynette and Stef trying to get their kids to hold back information from their fathers, and how bad they are at it. Then, Stefanie finds a … [Read more...]