Tuning Out with Julie Kasem

Special in-studio guest Julie Kasem joins Stef for this weeks episode. Stef and Julie open the show talking about their close friendship and their kids' friendships as well. This leads into a discussion on how upsetting it can be when parents get along much better than the kids do. Then, Stef shares … [Read more...]

Bring It On: Facebook Questions Edition

Lynette and Stefanie start the show with a little book club talk. Then, the ladies get into a long discussion on good movies for the kids to watch. After that, Lynette and Stef dive right into all your Facebook questions. AND - be sure to like our Facebook page HERE Want more info on … [Read more...]

Paddle Boating

Stefanie starts off the show this week discussing Elby catching a cold at school. Then, a recent dilemma involving some of of the students at Stefanie's kids school sparks a conversation on the importance of reading. After that, Lynette and Stef share their childhood stories about having high … [Read more...]

Crazy Haired Kids and Confidence Building

Lynette and Stefanie open Tuesday's episode examining the apps on the main page of Stef's phone. Then, Stefanie shares Elby and Sadie's new hair styles, which took a little convincing before Stef would approve. That leads into a discussion on Lynette and Stefanie's hair styles when they were in … [Read more...]

Julie Kasem

Lynette and Stefanie are joined this week by guest Julie Kasem. As the show opens up the ladies and Producer Gary discuss their plans for Valentines Day and how once married, the act of going out on the actual night becomes a chore. Julie then dives into the tragic story of the end of her father … [Read more...]

Who’s The Bitch?

Lynette and Stef open the show discussing Lynette calling into radio stations when she was younger, and how one call eventually leads to a personal phone call with Adam Sandler. Then, Stefanie dishes about some of her early hook ups in LA and what type of men she used to be into. This leads into … [Read more...]

Hamm’s Ham

The show opens up with Lynette and Stef asking producer Gary about the Christmas gift he gave his nephew about a trip to the Magic Castle. Stefanie then discusses the realization she’s had that when not following her normal routine she can become exponentially more irritable than she may normally … [Read more...]

Stefanie Is Full Of It

Lynette and Stefanie open the show this week with their new book club selection "You" by Caroline Kepnes. Then, Stefanie introduces her kids to their new favorite online SNL video "Back Home Ballers". After that, Lynette shares some unfortunate news to all you reality show lovers out there. Then, … [Read more...]

Growing Pains

Stef and Lynette opens the show this week with some early Valentines day talk. Then, Lynette recounts Susan Pinsky having a psychic give her a reading on a recent podcast. After that, Lynette and Stef dish about their husbands and themselves getting a bit too drunk sometimes. Next, Jimmy Kimmel's … [Read more...]


Lynette and Stefanie open their show this week with a book club update. Then, Stefanie comes across and strange and interesting story about a woman who uses orgasms to help treat her depression. After that, the ladies talk a bit about another news story involving two kids walking around the … [Read more...]