Alison Bedell

THE REAL L WORD (Season 3)

  (Kiyomi McCloskey of The Real L Word)   Lynette and Stef welcome in-studio guest Alison Bedell from Catch A Contractor for this week's episode. The ladies open the show with the always riveting topic of menstruating and slowly move into talking about fibroid surgery. Then, Alison … [Read more...]

Facebook Drama

Lynette and Stefanie open the show this week with some serious Facebook fan drama. This leads Lynette into giving a quick update on the drama mama from two weeks ago. Then, Sonny's parent teacher conference doesn't go quite as well as Natalia's. This leads the ladies into a discussion about further … [Read more...]

Horse or Ducks?

Lynette and Stef open the show this week glad to be back in the studio after some time off and the LA Podcast Festival. Lynette begins with some funny feelings she's been having recently, amplified by that time of the month getting started. Then, Stefanie talks a bit about her husband's ADD and the … [Read more...]

Podfest 2014

Lynette and Stef are live this week from the annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival at The Hotel Sofitel in Beverly Hills. The ladies open the show with Lynette's hangover from her housewarming party the night before. Then, while battling the hangover, Lynette tells a lengthy story about a … [Read more...]

Dr. Spaz Returns Again

Lynette and Stef open the show this week with a little Taylor Swift love and even some singalong. Then the ladies welcome in-studio guest Dr Bruce. After strolling in late, Dr Bruce and the girls get right in to addiction talk with an emphasis on pain medication and the epidemic of over prescribing. … [Read more...]

It Steams My Bean

Stefanie opens up the show this week discussing a new school play that the kids are in before talking about a certain blog that rubs her the wrong way. Then the ladies discuss their kids in therapy and the difference between male and female therapists. Later, Lynette talks about the kinds of … [Read more...]

Naked Pics and Awkward Moments

Stefanie opens this weeks show talking about a recent uncomfortable audition she went on. Then, Lynette and Stef get into friends and acquaintances listening to the podcast, and how it can get a bit awkward sometimes. After that, Stefanie vents about an annoying baby shower invitation and it's … [Read more...]

FitzDog Returns

Lyentte and Stefanie welcome in-studio guest Greg Fitzsimmons to the show this week. The show opens with a warm welcome back to Greg, discussion of his stand-up special Life on Stage, and what it's like to go on the road as a stand-up comedian. Then Greg dishes out some career advice on building a … [Read more...]

Junk In The Trunk

Lynette and Stef open the show this week talking about how the kids are doing in the new school year thus far. Then the ladies get into how husbands often think they're more involved than they really are with the kids day-to-day activities. After that, Lynette dives into some of Natalia's dark and … [Read more...]

Back to School and Wii Fun

Lynette and Stef open the show this week talking about the polarizing opinions of the Real Housewives talk on this podcast. Then Lynette gets into the kids going back to school. After that, the ladies talk about the ALS ice bucket challenge, and Stefanie gets put up to the challenge after coming so … [Read more...]